The latest generation SEETAL paint booths

Auto Body Shop Paint

What makes a good paint booth?

SEETAL paint booths our regarded as the best in the business, and we have installed their very latest generation booth technology, allowing precision, speed and accuracy for lean production capabilities. Car Paint is a very tricky substance to work with. It’s affected by the smallest variations of many variables like humidy, particles in the air and light. A poor paint booth won’t manage these variables effectively, with inneficient particle filtering or ventilation. Our booth has mitigated these factors with extreme precision. We have a state-of-the-art filtration and ventilation system to reduce particle penetration into the booth as well as a superior ventilation system to whip away any undesirable particles. Our booth uses the latest infra-red & UV technologies that assist superior paint finishes and application as well as the some of the highest quality spray applicators being fitted. Our expert painters have decades of experience on some of NZs top vehicle brands at Armstrong’s Autobody in Botany, Auckland.